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Friday, March 6, 2009

Joining forces with the Lance Armstrong Foundation

Everyone can think of a friend, family member, or acquaintance whose life has been affected by cancer...and in return, you have been affected. We can all do our part to help fight and find cures.

Starting today 3/6 and continuing through June, $1.00 from every TotRags order will be donated to help fight and find cures. Proceeds will be directed through Jason Teeples of the TeamLIVESTRONG: SeattleRnR fundraising marathon runners who will run their races on June 27th. Here are the Links to the teams sites:

Jason's Fundraising Site

SeattleRnR Team "Why I run" page

Our friend Jason, a young healthy father and husband was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 27. His wife at the time was 6 months pregnant with their 2nd child. In the months that followed, Jason endured tests, surgery, and radiation. And today - less than a year later - he is a survivor, and training to run a marathon. His successful treatments and thriving post-treatment health are possible due to the efforts of people around the globe who participate in raising funds for cancer research.

We are happy to be on Jason's team!

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