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Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20th Giveaway WinnerS !!!

You are the winner of the 2nd April Giveaway and will receive up to $15 in TotRags product! You will be contacted via email for your mailing address and wishes.

You are also the winner of the 2nd April Giveaway and will receive the Black & White Damask DipeWipe Clutch and the three matching pink Infant-2yr Bibs! You will be contacted via email for your mailing address.

The last giveaway winner did not claim her prize, so this cycle we have two!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this giveaway - we had many more people enter this cycle! REMEMBER - if you have not previously won, your name will stay in the twice monthly drawings until you win. To boost your odds, tell your friends about the giveaway via email (cc TotRags[at] or post the TotRags button on your blog, just remember to send me an email or post a comment telling me that you have done it!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Next Giveaway ends in just 5 days - don't forget to enter!

Here is the prize for the winner of the upcoming April 20th Giveaway - a Black & White Damask DipeWipe Clutch and three, yes THREE matching infant-2yrs feeding and drooling bibs!

The giveaway is usually valued at around $15.00, but I'm feeling extra generous this cycle, so this week it's up to over $27.00!

TotRags are not only great for parents, but they also make wonderful gifts because they are one-of-a-kind items. Be the one who stands out at the baby shower, and feel good that you've given the mother and baby something original, eco-eco friendly, and most importantly FUNCTIONAL!

I know you really want to win, so click on the link to the right to enter right away.
Your name will stay in the drawing until you win - you've got nothing to lose...and TotRags to gain!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 22nd is Earth Day

Here at TotRags, it is my focus to not only create superbly functional and adorable items, but to also make them eco-eco friendly. What is Eco-Eco? My def: Little to no Ecological impact that stems from being Economically smart. Basically, much of the money we all spend and the types of products we purchase negatively impacts the environment due to the amount of waste we create, carbon emissions, wasted resources...the list is long. And the more NEW stuff you buy, the more you add to those problems. (If you've seen the movie Wall-E, you kinda get the gist.)

In an effort to be more Eco-Eco friendly, most of the items in my shop are made from 95% recycled, thrifted, salvaged, or re-purposed materials. I am very proud and happy to use my design and sewing skills in a way that hopefully supports the Eco-Eco cause.

Earth day is April 22nd. What will you commit to this year to better this wonderful place we all call home? I'd love to hear it so - leave your committment(s) in the comments section! If I get 20 comments or more, I'll do an extra give-away drawing for those people who commented - for a pair of Full Coverage Toddler Bibs!

If you need a little help figuring out what you CAN do, check out this post at No Impact Man.

Can we build it?

Yes we can!

What boy doesn't dream of becoming a builder some day? I have to admit, Bob is one of my favorite cartoon characters because of his positivity and helpful crew. These new Full Coverage Toddler bibs are perfect for the aspiring contractor!

They're in the shop!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gift Certificates Now Available

Not sure what colors or fabrics the mother of the baby would like? Baby's gender unknown?

Purchase a TotRags Gift Certificate! Delivered to you via email within 24 hours. Print, wrap, and go to the party! Available in increments of 10 between $20 and $50.

Gift Certificates DO NOT EXPIRE and do not have to mailed in. Each certificate has a unique identification number that must be entered in the Message to Seller field upon redemption.

Thanks for supporting TotRags and happy shopping!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cute new striped DipeWipe Clutch in the shop!

Vintage Lime

I found this very well preserved thrifted vintage towell and just couldn't leave it in the store. Not only is the lime green color so unusual and soothing, but it has that wonderful "like it's carved into the material" flower desgin that is such an unmistakeable "time-stamp". I knew it would make wonderful vintage bibs!

4 available - and in the shop!

New Full Coverage Bib Design

As promised, I have finished revising the design of the Full Coverage Bib. Thank you all for your suggestions! I took them all into consideration - and this is the fantastically improved result. Same great design, but with a slightly larger neckline and a snap closure. A "Thank you! goes out to this adorable little guy who held still long enough to model the first one!

It's in the shop!

Monday, April 6, 2009

April Sale Dates

TotRags Burps, Bibs, and Diaper Clutches have been marked down $20% for the month of April 6th-30th. If you've had your eye on a TotRag item for some time now ... be sure to take advantage of this sale.

Thanks for your support!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

March 5th Giveaway Winner!


You are the winner of the 1st April Giveaway and will receive up to $15 in TotRags product! You will be contacted via email for your mailing address and wishes.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this giveaway! REMEMBER - your name will stay in the twice monthly drawings until you win - And if you want to boost your odds, tell your friends about the giveaway or post to your blog, just remember to CC me in the email!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A disturbing image & a Poll

OK - I'm sorry...but I just had to post this. Am I the only one that finds this image disturbing? And also funny?

I have been thinking of making a similar drool bib - in TotRag fashion of course. I can't however, help but remember that the projection of my baby's drool always seemed to fall directly downward into their lap - totally missing their bibs...except for the constant trail that trickled down the chin and ended up soiling their shirt no matter what bib they had on, or how snugly it fit around their sweet little kissable necks. So i can't help but think that if this bib was to really catch drool it would have to be more like a "no scratch" animal collar. You know, those white plastic funny looking things? And I'm sensing that the general public would deem a "no scratch" collar on a baby to be a bit escessive. I mean, they do make little hand covers for those sharp fingernails.

I'm just not sure yet - so what are your thoughts? Can you see a TotRag drool bib or is it an idea to bury? Thank you in advance for your participation in not only my dry humor - but a first TotRags poll!