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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 22nd is Earth Day

Here at TotRags, it is my focus to not only create superbly functional and adorable items, but to also make them eco-eco friendly. What is Eco-Eco? My def: Little to no Ecological impact that stems from being Economically smart. Basically, much of the money we all spend and the types of products we purchase negatively impacts the environment due to the amount of waste we create, carbon emissions, wasted resources...the list is long. And the more NEW stuff you buy, the more you add to those problems. (If you've seen the movie Wall-E, you kinda get the gist.)

In an effort to be more Eco-Eco friendly, most of the items in my shop are made from 95% recycled, thrifted, salvaged, or re-purposed materials. I am very proud and happy to use my design and sewing skills in a way that hopefully supports the Eco-Eco cause.

Earth day is April 22nd. What will you commit to this year to better this wonderful place we all call home? I'd love to hear it so - leave your committment(s) in the comments section! If I get 20 comments or more, I'll do an extra give-away drawing for those people who commented - for a pair of Full Coverage Toddler Bibs!

If you need a little help figuring out what you CAN do, check out this post at No Impact Man.


  1. I have been wanting to have a raised box garden. I'm going to this year!

  2. I am only buying used or handmade clothing for myself this year, so far it is going well.