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Thursday, April 2, 2009

A disturbing image & a Poll

OK - I'm sorry...but I just had to post this. Am I the only one that finds this image disturbing? And also funny?

I have been thinking of making a similar drool bib - in TotRag fashion of course. I can't however, help but remember that the projection of my baby's drool always seemed to fall directly downward into their lap - totally missing their bibs...except for the constant trail that trickled down the chin and ended up soiling their shirt no matter what bib they had on, or how snugly it fit around their sweet little kissable necks. So i can't help but think that if this bib was to really catch drool it would have to be more like a "no scratch" animal collar. You know, those white plastic funny looking things? And I'm sensing that the general public would deem a "no scratch" collar on a baby to be a bit escessive. I mean, they do make little hand covers for those sharp fingernails.

I'm just not sure yet - so what are your thoughts? Can you see a TotRag drool bib or is it an idea to bury? Thank you in advance for your participation in not only my dry humor - but a first TotRags poll!

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