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Sunday, May 10, 2009

On being creative...

A friend of mine told me yesterday that she does not have a creative bone in her body. Funny thing is - when you walk into her home, you feel very calm and at ease. She has a wonderful decorating sense. Her walls are beautifully sponge painted. Her kitchen cabinetry, though 23 years old, has been completely transformed into something that looks new and trendy - by her hands. And her home is not in any way cluttered - just the right amount of decor. I told her she was dead wrong about her personal assessment. We are all creative in our own ways - that's the wonder of God - we are his greatest creation. To deny our own creativity would be like ignoring the parts of ourselves that God so cleverly crafted.

The other day I read this wonderful post over at Soule Mama and it reminded me of when I really started to go my creative route. I have always loved working with material - ALWAYS. I made my own Barbie clothing when I was 8. I bought thrifted dresses and re-constructed them for my high school proms. I've been making my own curtains since my teen years. And every now and then I sit down and draw up what is floating around in my head (though I won't share those with you cause well, my sketches tend to fall a little into the "chicken scratch" category) Now I sew almost daily - it's like an itch that I cannot scratch hard enough. While I was searching deep for an old picture of my huge pregnant belly to grace the Mother's Day post on my other blog today - I ran accross some other pictures of creative projects from my past. I thought it would be fun to share the stories behind some of those projects. Hope you Enjoy these three little stories - and that your Mother's day is SWEETLY (Pillsbury dough-like) GRAND!

The quilt I painstakinly put together for my -before he was my husband- husband for him to remember the time he spent in the beautiful country of Venezuela. If you can't tell what the picture on the quilt is, well - try stickinng that creative bone of yours out just a little bit more...and maybe put a Pina Colada in your hand. Sadly, these 3000+ squares are no longer with us. Just because I am creative does not mean that I always exercise common sense...but that's another story.

In college, one of my roomates had this awesome huge American Flag framed print that we hung in the dining room of our shared townhome. So I made some totally crazy American Pride (can't even call them drapes) drapes and seat cushions. Still LOOking for a picture of that...but a few years later, I still had a lot of the red-white-blue material, so I figured, why not? And came up with this very unique bathroom on-a-budget look.

My wedding gown had a very unique look to it. I always wanted to make my own wedding gown - but the cards did not fall that way. So I found a gown that truly matched my personality. The lace was definitely not typical- just like me. I wanted to wear something in my hair other than my veil, but did not want a crystal or pearled Tiara and wasn't happy with anything I found in the stores. So I crafted my own hairpiece and (with the help of my wonderful MIL) veil to match the gown. It wasn't perfect but I loved how it turned out and it's the one piece from our wedding that I hope to keep forever.

I'd love to read or hear your creative memories - leave me a comment with a link to your post!

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