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Monday, December 7, 2009

TotRags Messy Child Photo Contest! - ENTRY IS CLOSED

TotRags Bibs have gone through extensive testing and a few re-designs all with the focus of keeping children clean, easily. So in the spirit of all the Holiday Eating we are all doing I think it would be really fun to host a "My Messy Child" Photo Contest!

Details on entering are below. I will choose 5 finalists from the entries and then your votes will determine the winner which will be announced on Thursday December 31st.

The WINNER'S PRIZE: Two TotRags Full Coverage Bibs - custom made for your (or your special someone's) little one.

EVERYONE who enters the contest will receive a $5.00 Gift Certificate to use in the shop on an item of their choice!

Let's face it - keeping kids clean is not easy. Our mischevious little munchkins get dirty every time we turn our backs. And what is the first thing you do when you see an super messy child? You grab your camera! So let's have some fun and share those special "Look what precious has done...again" moments!

Between now and December 25th, do one of the following:
1. If you are a blogger, in a new post share this contest with your readers - be sure to upload a "messy" picture of your little one to your post. Enter your name and direct post url in the form below so I know you are entering and so other entrants can see your picture. Send me an email with the subject "Messy Blogger" so I can contact you if you are the winner. totrags [at] gmail [dot] com

2. If your blog is private or if you are not a blogger, email your picture to totrags [at] gmail [dot] com. In the subject of the message, type "Messy". Please re-size your picture down to a 5x7 or smaller.


CONTEST RULES (and advice)
1. Entry Dates: December 8th through December 25th.
2. Your URL must link directly to the post, not to the most recent page of your blog. In order to find the direct link, publish your post then go to your blog and click on the title of the post. Copy the URL that is now in your address bar.
3. Your photo must be of a family member or close friend - no WorldWideWeb shared photos please. Age of photo does not matter...1945...1987...2009, makes no difference.
4. You may enter up to three pictures into the contest, but each picture must be of a different child.
5. Previous TotRags Giveaway or Contest winners are not eligible - but feel free to enter anyway just for fun!
Any rule breakers will be disqualified and their links deactivated.

I will choose and announce the 5 finalists the morning of December 26th and you will have until December 30th to vote. Be sure to tell your friends and family about the contest so they can be ready to vote for you!   Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc are great ways to get the word out.


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